Roger Daltrey admits he sometimes forgets the lyrics to The Who's hits.

The 'My Generation' band's 70-year-old frontman, who has also just released the record 'Going Home' with musician Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson, insists he doesn't get nervous before going on stage with band mate pete townsend but is becoming forgetful as he gets older.

In a chat with Absolute Radio's Pete Mitchell, he said: ''I always forget Who songs the first time we sing them. I don't get stage fright, I just forget the words. I'm quite deaf these days, it's come to us all. All that racket in the 70s and 80s and 60s. So I usually now work with these kind of in-ear monitors.

''The problem I've got is that the system I use and the monitor system aren't compatible. So I have to try and go back to working with monitors and I can't really hear myself well enough. I tend to sometimes over sing a bit.''

Meanwhile, the singer, along with guitarist Pete are heading out on a world tour next year to celebrate The Who's 50th anniversary and Roger claims he doesn't like playing stadiums these days and prefers smaller gigs.

He said: ''I never wanted to. We were kind of one of the first bands to ever play stadiums, never really liked them.

''It's just our audiences became that big, it was the only way to satisfy the numbers. Arenas are about as big as we get these days but I like theatres. I would love to do [a] set down in a theatre.''

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