Roger Daltrey has confessed he is ''very, very deaf'' now.

The Who legend urged rock 'n' roll fans to wear earplugs to live shows, as he revealed the extend of the damage done to his hearing through more than 50 years of playing with the iconic British band.

Addressing the crowd at a solo concert at the Hard Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Daltrey made reference to his his in-ear monitors, saying: ''The trouble with these ear things that I wear is that I am very, very deaf. And I advise you all - all you rock-and-roll fans - take your f***ing ear plugs to the gigs. If only we had known when we were young​ ... we ​are lip-reading.''

Despite the effect performing live and going to shows has had on his hearing, the 74-year-old star told his fans he still wants to keep playing ''for a long time''.

He added: ''I am lucky to be doing what I do - so thank you.''

Daltrey and his bandmate Pete Townshend have both suffered with hearing problems over the years, with the 'Won't Get Fooled Again' singer claiming the band's guitarist ''wears two hearing aids'' due to the damage caused by a lifetime of rock.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper in 2011, Daltrey claimed: ''Pete is almost stone deaf. He deafened himself in the recording studio, and when we last performed he had to stand right next to the speakers to hear anything. I don't know what Pete will do. I don't want to do a tour and have him end up completely deaf.''

Pete, 72, has been open about his hearing struggles and the fact he suffers from tinnitus - a ringing in the ears - and admitted that he has to protect his hearing so he can continue to make music and play live.

The songwriter shared: ''I don't have perfect hearing, and if I listen to loud music or go to gigs I do tend to get tinnitus.''