Roger Daltrey believes Oasis will reform.

The Who frontman performed alongside 'Wonderwall' rocker Liam Gallagher on Tuesday (11.11.14) and admitted that he is convinced that the band will get back together at some point in the future.

Talking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I've got no doubt Oasis will reform. I've never had any doubts.''

The 70-year-old singer - who will embark on a final UK tour with his bandmate Pete Townshend later this month - continued, saying that the 42-year-old musician has nothing else to do apart from get back together with his brother Noel Gallagher, and the other Oasis members.

He said: ''I just know groups, in the end they'll start to think, 'why not?' It's what they do! What else is he going to do, become a painter decorator?''

However, Roger shut down suggestions that he would record an album with him, like he did with Dr Feelgood star Wilko Johnson earlier this year.

When asked whether a collaborative record could be on the cards, he replied: ''No, no no no. That was a one-off success story.''

Liam and Roger both performed at London's O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire on Tuesday (11.11.14) in a concert which celebrated the 50-year career of the 'My Generation' rockers, to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which Roger is a patron of.

He gushed: ''That was a great night. Really, really good fun. It was just wonderful.''

Talking at 'The Who in Virtual Reality' event at The Goldhawk Club in Shepherds Bush, London on Wednesday (12.11.14), Daltrey confessed that, despite the band's huge Mod following, he'd never sat on a scooter in his entire life.

As he climbed on to a scooter which was being used to sit for guests to try out the virtual reality headset, he said: ''I've never even been on a scooter! One of the things is that everybody thinks Ace Faces used to have just a scooter, all of the serious Ace Faces, all of the good looking ones, they used to have mini-vans. Use your imagination! No really, that's true!''