THE WHO star Roger Daltrey is terrified the planned biopic of late drummer Keith Moon will be a disaster - and has already rejected several scripts for the movie. Although Daltrey has recruited an award-winning new writer to work on the project, he'll ditch the whole idea if it fails to do his late bandmate justice. He says, "We've had three or four scripts written, and we've never nailed what we wanted to do. "We've got a new writer. A very famous writer, a Pulitzer Prize winner, indeed. I can't name him because I don't know the situation. "You can't tell someone's life story in two hours on film. If I can do it, I hope to make a real rock 'n' roll film that will be funny, poignant, sad, celebratory, all the things that Moon was. "But if I can't, I'm very glad to be holding on to the reins and stopping any bad films of Keith Moon being made." Moon died in 1978 aged 32 after accidentally overdosing on medication prescribed to treat his alcoholism.