Veteran rocker Roger Daltrey has turned to celebrity hypnotist PAUL McKENNA in a bid to overcome his crippling stage fright.

The WHO axeman, 60, has been suffering with the condition for a number of years after noticing his voice of tightening up during performances thanks to "subconscious nerves".

But the PICTURES OF LILY hitmaker is now able to take to the stage without any trouble - thanks to the McKenna, who has previously helped celebrities including Daryl Hannah, Ronan Keating and Robbie Williams.

Roger enthuses, "A few years ago I realised I had a problem. On the outside I was calm but on the inside I was knotted up.

"If I was performing, although everything looked OK to everyone else, I'd feel like my voice was tightening up. I went to Paul and he helped me a lot.

"He said, 'You can do it standing on your head, so what are you worrying about?' Whatever he did totally worked for me. He's a great guy."

19/03/2004 13:26