Roger Daltrey can't understand why rocker Liam Gallagher is labelled "difficult" - insisting he's a pleasure to deal with in comparison to his late The Who bandmate Keith Moon.
The musician has signed up Gallagher's new band Beady Eye to play at his annual charity shows in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust next month (Mar11) and admits he's shocked to find the famously fiery star is a "sweetheart".
But Daltrey insists years of dealing with late drummer Moon's wild ways make it easier to cope with any demanding star.
He tells the U.K.'s Absolute Radio, "I love him. Everybody says, 'Oh he's a bit difficult isn't he?' I've always found him an absolute sweetheart.
"Listen, after Keith Moon everybody's easy. After Keith Moon and (The Who guitarist) Pete Townshend everything's easy, let me tell you. Liam's a very talented guy, very funny guy, very witty guy and much cleverer than people give him credit for. Yeah, I love it, Liam is a real rock star. He is 100 per cent the real deal."