Interior designer Anna Ryder-Richardson and former footballer Rodney Marsh have endured an underwater ordeal on the new series of I'm a celebrity...

But despite an encounter with a host of marine menaces, Anna and Rodney returned to the camp victorious, having earned nine stars.

Before the Dreading Water Bushtucker Trial, presenter Ant Mcpartlin explained the pair would be lowered into a giant tank of water.

"You will be able to breathe underwater, you will be wearing diving bells and you'll be able to hear us as well because there's little speakers in their little headphones," he added.

"Your stars will be in these Perspex spheres. One of you has to put your hand in the sphere [and] you've got to make sure you don't let the top float away. If it floats to the top it will be virtually impossible to get a star."

While the first sphere contained Golden Perch, Anna screamed in horror after realising that the second was full of eels.

But after battling past yabbies, toads, monitor lizards and crocodiles, Anna and Rodney emerged on dry land with nine stars.

After the pair had tried off, Declan Donnelly joked: "It's Friday night - you can have a little party."

"Fish and chips tonight," Rodney replied.

And while the camp continued to come to terms with the departures of Marc Bannerman and Katie Hopkins, Cerys Matthews and Anna had a heart-to-heart, with Anna telling the Welsh singer that sometimes "you know quite quickly that you could have found a soulmate".

24/11/2007 00:01:00