Ageing American comedian Rodney Dangerfield is back on form just one month after undergoing brain surgery - by firing witty replies to reporters' questions.

The CADDYSHACK funnyman, 81, was released from the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA HOSPITAL, Los Angeles, on 21 April (03) - two weeks after the surgery.

Rodney told journalists today (08MAY03), "I gave my wife a kiss on the way in. At my age, that's about as sexy as I can get. I feel like a new man. I have all the doctors here to thank."

He also joked that news of the surgery boosted merchandise sales on his website, suggesting that "before next Christmas, I'm going to pass the word around that I'm deathly ill".

Dangerfield underwent six hours of surgery on 8 April to deal with a blockage in the right carotid artery in his neck that reduced blood flow to the brain.

His wife JOAN commented, "Rodney looks so good, I think from now on he should only play romantic leads."

08/05/2003 20:54