Rod Stewart's son SEAN has been accused of stealing the car of producer Jon Peters - and has been warned to "stay away" from the moviemaker's teenage daughter. The 27-year-old is reported to have been dating Caleigh Peters, 19, for some time before she ended their relationship in early March (08). But Stewart took the news badly and is alleged to have stolen her dad's Cadillac Escalade on or around 7 March (08) in an effort to get Caleigh to meet with him, according to Jon's representative Brian Quintana. However, Stewart's bizarre antics have enraged Jon and his ex-wife Christine, who want the bad boy to "stay out of their daughter's life". In an email to the New York Post Page Six, Quintana writes, "Caleigh dumped him (Stewart) and wouldn't take his calls. He went looking for her at Jon's Los Angeles house and took the car, which had keys in it. Sean called Caleigh and said, 'Come meet me if you want your dad's car back.' "When Jon noticed his car missing he asked Caleigh if she had it (she is an authorized driver), and at first she said she knew nothing about it. Only two days later did she tell us Sean had it. When her dad told her it was reported stolen, she informed Sean, and he abandoned it at (club) Le Deux. Jon is pressing charges." But Dana Cole, Stewart's lawyer, insists the incident is simply a big misunderstanding. She says, "Once Mr. Stewart learned of this accusation, he immediately met with the LAPD detective on the case and explained he had been loaned the car by Mr. Peters' daughter. There's another agenda going on and we're not sure what it is."