The mother of Rod Stewart's lovechild has spoken out about her long lost daughter - insisting she "doesn't care" about the child she gave up for adoption.
The singer was just 17 years old when his girlfriend Susannah Boffey gave birth and the young couple decided to put the baby up for adoption.
Stewart has been in contact with his daughter, Sarah Streeter, in recent years and they are attempting to build a relationship.
The girl's mother, now Susannah Hourde, has now opened up about the daughter she never knew, admitting she doesn't want any contact with her because it would be "impossible" for them to reconcile.
She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I don't care about Sarah any more. I used to but I don't now... I think it's almost impossible that we will be reconciled now. It's all been so tough. There were attempted reconciliations and they didn't go very well. It has all been very hard."
And Hourde insists she is "very bored" of seeing Stewart's private life in the news.
She adds, "I don't see why his having another baby is news. I find the whole thing rather tedious. I am very bored of hearing about Rod. It's really something I'd like to put behind me."