Rod Stewart's wildchild son has been given a glowing report as he battles the drink and drugs demons that landed him in trouble with the law.

Sean Stewart has been working on his problems in a live-in Arizona, America rehabilitation centre for the past three months, after he was sentenced to semi-imprisonment for beating up a tourist in Malibu, Los Angeles, two years ago (01).

But he has lived by the rules laid out in his sentence and now tough California judge LAWRENCE MIRA has hailed Stewart for his efforts to stay sober and beat his demons.

On Friday (29AUG03), Mira gave Stewart probation, explaining he's now allowed to live independently, but must seek continued psychiatric treatment and attend drug and alcohol self-help meetings five times a week.

Sean's mother ALANA STEWART says, "I'm just really happy it's all gone well."

03/09/2003 09:32