Veteran rocker Rod Stewart has vowed his forthcoming marriage to fiancee Penny Lancaster will last for the rest of his life, after a string of broken relationships and two divorces.

The former SMALL FACES star, 60, previously wed - Alana Stewart (79-94) and Rachel Hunter (90-05), and dated, model KELLY EMBERG, actress Britt Ekland and teenage sweetheart SUSANNAH BOFFEY.

But after proposing to pretty model/photographer Lancaster, 34, in March (05) and the birth of their son Alastair Wallace last month (NOV05), Stewart insists this time, his marriage will stand the test of time.

And Stewart is relieved Lancaster is in her thirties, because he found marriage to Hunter - who was in her teens when they met - was very volatile.

He explains, "There's a big difference between marrying a 21-year-old and marrying a 34-year-old. Women go through this stage between 20 and 30 when they're very volatile. I don't think anyone should get married - either sex - before 30, because everything changes and women change the most.

"Penny's steadfast now. I'm very, very lucky to have such a gorgeous woman at my side."