Ageing rocker Rod Stewart cringes at the thought of writing his own music again after four years of recording other people's material. The 61-year-old singer says he is too old to be a successful songwriter, so he busies himself interpreting the songs of others such as Bob Dylan and John Fogerty, featured on his Great American Songbook series of albums. He says, "I think it's been about four years (since I last wrote a song). There's not many songwriters at my age still trying to release albums of their own music, and I'm not planning to myself. "Paul Simon, Elton John, THE Rolling Stones have all penned their new records, and all the critics loved them, but they just didn't sell. "When you get too old, people don't want to play your songs on the radio, so you have to go about it in a different way... I love these concept records. Love it. There's not many like me."