Veteran rocker Rod Stewart's love of soccer is causing friction in his romance with leggy model Penny Lancaster.

The SAILING singer, an ardent supporter of Scottish team CELTIC, is infuriating his 31-year-old belle by his miserable moods caused by the conclusion of the soccer season.

And things rarely improve when Rod, 58, is able to watch his beloved sport, as he insist on silence during any match viewings.

A pal of Penny's explains, "It's all down to there being no football. Rod's a huge fan and can't wait for the season to start so he can get the guys round to watch the matches."

While Penny herself says, "Rod is Celtic crazy and always talks about it. If he sees them on TV, it's like, 'There must be silence.'"

The friend adds, "Penny's very supportive of Rod's interests. But it's hard for someone to put up with big sulks when they can't do anything about it. She tries, but gets frustrated."

08/08/2003 14:05