Rocker Rod Stewart is determined to get his model railway on the cover of a specialist magazine - after spending decades "obsessing" over his miniature track.

Stewart's daughter KIMBERLY has destroyed the MAGGIE MAY singer's reputation as a wildman lothario, by revealing he's a model train fanatic.

The 25-year-old admits her father has a room filled with a huge miniature of New York's Grand Central Station, which he spends hours tinkering with.

She says, "He is as obsessed with that as he is with football.

"(There's) a huge room filled with all of his work. I've seen him sit there and colour people. He's a detail freak.

"But that's what he loves to do - it's been with him for so long.

"He really wants to get his stuff on the cover of this model railway magazine.

"It would make his career. He is quite obsessive about it, actually. One day he will get that prestigious cover and all will be well."

06/10/2004 13:22