Rod Stewart is harbouring plans to reform 1970s supergroup THE FACES for the first time in 30 years after previously turning down offers to reteam with KENNEY JONES and Ron Wood. The group have performed briefly at rare awards shows, leading fans to hope the get-togethers would inspire the old bandmates to team up for a full tour. But despite efforts by keyboard player IAN MCLAGAN, Jones and Wood, the STAY WITH ME rockers simply couldn't commit to anything firm, but now it appears Stewart is on board for a reunion show. He says, "It'd be great to put the band together for charity, a one-off event. Ronnie is always up for it, so's Ian and Kenney. We'd just need to find ourselves a bass player." The Faces bassist, RONNIE LANE, lost his battle with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997. But MCLagan, who has often joined Stewart on tour as part of his band, fears Stewart's words will lead to nothing and urges fans not to get their hopes up. He adds, ""Kenney wants it to happen, I want it to happen, Woody wants it to happen. Rod talks about it, but he never does anything about it. "He'd enjoy it... but I think he wouldn't want to split the money like we used to. He could make me a millionaire in three weeks if he wanted."