Veteran rocker Rod Stewart has hit out at Ronnie Wood - after his former FACES bandmate labelled him "tighter than two coats of paint".
Wood has long insisted that Stewart is mean with money but the veteran rocker is keen to dispel the notion that he is a miser.
Stewart has once again denied Wood's allegations, accusing the Rolling Stones star - who is currently in rehab battling alcohol addiction - of squandering his fortune.
He says, "I am not tight or mean. Ronnie Wood, who is a great mate, keeps saying I am. He's such an a***hole, Ron. He says I'm tighter than two coats of paint.
"I am careful with money, Ronnie isn't. He doesn't keep his eyes on the accounts like I do. But I'm not tight, I do lots of work for charities, I just don't make it public."