Veteran rocker Rod Stewart's son Sean Stewart has blamed his "f**ked up" lifestyle on his father's busy schedule and wild friends.

The 23-year-old identifies with troubled celebrity offspring like KELLY and Jack Osbourne, explaining that being the MAGGIE MAY singer's son "is a curse and a hindrance" because he felt so unloved by his busy father, he turned to the drugs which abounded at star-studded parties Sean attended from an early age.

Sean explains, "All celebrity children are f**ked up. It's a called the 'rock 'n' roll royalty curse'. We were able to get into any Hollywood club we wanted to from an early age and a lot of people wanted to from an early age, and a lot of people wanted to be our friends just because of who our parents are.

"Other people want to live this life, but it's tough growing up when your dad's one of the world's greatest rock stars. I think a lot of us celebrity kids are pretty lonely because our parents are out of town a lot and it makes us feel like we're unwanted.

"I would go to parties and smoke cannabis and cigarettes. It was easy for me to get drugs. I would just walk into a party and someone would hand them to me. First I got really badly into ecstasy. Then I started on prescription pills like VICODIN and then cocaine. And finally I got into heroin."

15/07/2004 14:09