Rod Stewart's eldest son SEAN has slammed his rock star father, complaining that being his son is a "curse and a hindrance".

Sean, who is the result of Stewart's first marriage to Alana Stewart alongside his 26-year-old sister KIMBERLY, remains bitter his father abandoned him when he was four years old.

The MAGGIE MAY rocker is currently expecting his sixth child with 34-year-old fiancee PENNY LANCASTER - who will become the fourth mother of his children.

Sean, 24, says, "I hope he is a better father this time around. It's called the rock and roll royalty curse.

"I love my dad, but a lot of celebrity children grow up f**ked up because our parents are out of town a lot and it makes us feel unwanted.

"Being Rod Stewart's son is a curse and a hindrance.

"All celebrity children are messed up."

11/07/2005 09:29