Legendary rocker Rod Stewart has splashed out an impressive $90,000 (GBP56,000) for a private luxury aircraft to go to Seville to see soccer's UEFA Cup final - even though he doesn't have any tickets.

The ageing lothario, currently dating leggy model Penny Lancaster, has invited close friends and family to join him on the sports trip, even though Rod has been criticised for being too miserly with his money in the past.

Brother DON STEWART says, "Rod's chartered a jet, there's no way he would miss being there.

"He's not been able to get tickets yet but he's still very hopeful. I was speaking to him the other day and he was saying it was a nightmare because the tickets are so hard to come by. He's been trying everyone he knows.

"But he's already got an aircraft ready to go over there, so he'll keep on trying."

Other stars determined to see the Celtic vs Porto game include U2 legend Bono, Westlife and Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr.

11/05/2003 14:22