Rod Stewart's son has his ''cheeky'' sense of humour.

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker became a father for the eighth time last February when wife Penny Lancaster gave birth to their son Aiden and the model - who also has six-year-old Alistair with the singer - can already see her husband's personality echoed in the youngster.

She said: ''Aiden used to resemble his daddy but he's more like a Lancaster now as he's got a larger build, the Stewarts are a bit more slender.

''He's got a very funny sense of humour already and is very cheeky though, which he probably gets from his dad.''

Rod became a grandfather last year when daughter Kimberly gave birth to her first child Delilah - whose father is actor Benicio Del Toro - and the little girl and Aiden get along very well.

Penny told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''He has a lovely relationship with Kimberly's little girl. He says, 'Delilah! Delilah!' and they play together in our playroom. She's crawling all over the place now.''

And Penny also takes delight in watching her two sons play together.

She said: ''They absolutely adore one another. Aiden comes with me to pick his Big Brother up from school and he yells, 'Alastair! Alastair!' at the gates - he really misses him when he's not at home. Alastair just dotes on him too - he likes to feed him his bottle and he's built little train tracks for him to play with.''