Rod Stewart advises his daughters to have their own room while travelling with rockstars.

The 68-year-old musician is an ''easy-going dad'' when it comes to his girls - Sarah, 40, Kimberley, 33, Ruby, 25, and Renee, 20 - and their love lives, but insists they take caution if choosing to date a musician and makes they are safe before the jet off around the globe by confirming they have separate rooms at hotels and a return ticket.

He said: ''I'm a pretty easy-going father, sometimes a little too easy-going ... I did warn my daughter when she was going out with a would-be rock star - I won't say which one, hell of a nice fellow - and she asked to travel with him.

I said, 'Whatever you do, before you even get on the plane, a return air-fare, first class and your own room.' I would always send a return air-fare but never their own room unless it was someone really special. My kids have read the book - they know what I like.''

Rod - who also has sons Liam and Sean from previous marriages and Alastair and Aiden with current wife Penny Lancaster - feels 100 per cent content in his own skin and is ''proud'' of his journey to fame and large family.

He added in an interview with Mojo magazine: ''Yeah [being Rod Stewart is still fun]. I must admit I absolutely love it. I don't think there's one aspect of being me I don't like.

''I'm very proud of the fact that I've kept my feet on the ground and I'm very close to my family and friends who are not in show business.''