Rod Stewart plays with his model railway every day.

The 67-year-old rocker still enjoys the same hobbies he did as a youngster, but sometimes his love of train sets irritates his wife, model Penny Lancaster, who tells him to stop playing station controller and speak to her.

Rod - who has appeared in specialist magazine, Model Railroader - said: ''I go upstairs every day and play with my trains. If I've been up there too long Penny will call up and say, 'Darling! Time to come down!' ''

Playing with his trains is a far cry from his hedonistic youth, but Rod - who has eight children - believes it was his love of sport on a weekend that stopped him ever going too far with drugs.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''It was a different time when I started doing cocaine. It was an elite club here in Hollywood, made up of very famous actors and actresses.

''In those days it was pharmaceutical coke. You didn't have to stay awake. It didn't ruin your sex life. You didn't have nosebleeds. There was no big hangover and you just did a tiny bit.

''But I was never a druggie. I've never actually bought any in my life. I didn't go to rehab and it didn't interfere with my relationships or my kids. And that's because of football, that's all it was.''