Rod Stewart was delighted to pose for his photographer wife Penny Lancaster because she repeatedly flashed her legs at him during the shoot.
The veteran singer admits he is camera shy, so Lancaster came up with a clever way of putting him at ease while taking his picture for his upcoming autobiography - she wore skimpy clothes for their session.
Lancaster tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "This isn't about selling songs. It's about his own story in his own words, so these needed to be much more personal shots. Yes, there's a glint in his eye because that's Rod, the cheeky chappie. But there also needed to be an intimacy about the pictures. The publisher agreed that they were likely to get the best results if we kept it in the family...
"Every couple of shots, I lifted my head above the camera and a look would pass between us. It was quite a hot day and there was a fan blowing, which sometimes lifted my dress a little. I'd deliberately worn something short because, as everyone knows, Rod's a leg man. Got to keep my darling happy."