Rocker Rod Stewart has credited his wife Penny with helping him overcome his dark moods, insisting the blonde beauty can always cheer him up when he's down.

The Maggie May hitmaker has been with the mother of his two youngest sons for 13 years, and the star reveals he regularly relies on his partner to lift his spirits.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "I feel the same about Penny today as I did when I met her 13 years ago. She's so sexy and she's my best friend.

"I do get down - I get my black dogs. But they don't last long as Penny digs me out of it. Like last night, I had a bit of a sulk because I didn't really want to go out so she stood in front of me and started dancing. That's how she cheers me up.

"I said to her, 'You could've been the most expensive lap dancer in the world.' But she's everything to me - she's a great wife, a great mum and a great lover. And I'm with her for life."