Rod Stewart is moving back to the UK after almost 40 years.

The London born singer relocated to the US in 1975 to avoid tax - which at the time stood at 83 per cent for those earning the most money - but he is now planning on moving back to his homeland permanently so his youngest sons, Alistair, eight and Aiden, three, can be educated there.

When asked if his childhood home of Archway, London, still holds memories for him, Rod is quoted by as replying: ''Oh yeah. This place is still in my heart. We are planning hopefully on moving back in about 18 months so my kids can grow up here. It's not definite.

''But this is where me and [wife] Penny [Lancaster], this is where we come from.''

Penny, 43, has also previously mentioned plans to move, saying: ''Rod and I would like to move back ­permanently. It would be lovely for our kids to go to schools in England.

''We were both educated here. The children would be better off being educated here.''

Rod has bought a £4.65million on a home in Essex ready for the family's return, but they will still keep their Beverly Hills home and split their time between the two.

Rod is a father to eight children in total with five different women, all of whom are now adults, apart from Alistair and Aiden.