Rod Stewart loves the Christmas holidays because there is so much soccer on TV.

The 'Maggie May' singer - who has eight children - admits he loves being able to kick back over the festive period and watch lots of his favourite sport.

Rod - who recently received a festive album, 'Merry Christmas, Baby' - said: ''How do I spend my Christmas? Just like everyone else. The real reason I love Christmas is because there's a lot of football on the TV - that and playing the Christmas album to my two youngest.''

Rod is also looking forward to a busy 2013, with a new album out and a tour planned in the summer.

He said: ''The new album is finished and will be released early next year. There will be a tour as well, in June and July.''

However, he is not done with planning, and also wants to get his old band The Faces back together.

He added: ''I'd like to get The Faces back together, which I fully intend to do one day.''