Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster are deeply in love with their one year old son Aiden, whom Lancaster underwent Ivf treatment in order to have, but in a surprising interview the 40 year-old claimed the decision to have another child if it hadn't been for one vital influence in the family - the couple's six year old son Alastair!
Speaking on Uk Tv show 'Lorraine,' the Winnipeg Free Press reports that Lancaster said to host Lorraine Kelly "Alastair was the one that kept encouraging us to keep trying, saying 'Please mummy I want a brother', I was crossing my fingers actually that it wasn't a girl because he wanted a brother so much. He's ecstatic and the two of them have the most wonderful relationship."
As such, Alastair now has a little brother to go alongside six step sisters and brothers from previous marriages. Far from the relational dissonance you might expect from such a situation however, Lancaster insisted that the extended family couldn't be getting on better, with her and Stewart managing to meet up with all the kids over the festive period. "I knew when I met Rod it wasn't a partnership with just two people, it was a family with everybody," she said, "There were times that were difficult at the beginning but with warmth and love and understanding we are now the biggest happiest family."