Rocker Rod Stewart once seduced a transvestite after mistaking him for a woman.

The Forever Young hitmaker was touring with the Faces in Australia during the 1970s, when he saw a pretty lady sitting at the bar - however he was in for a big surprise when he brought his date back to his hotel room.

He tells U.S. shock jock Howard Stern, "I'm thinking,...'Why aren't the guys trying to chat her up?' They said, 'Rod, we have left her for you.' It turned out she was a guy."

But Stewart didn't find out until things got hot and heavy: "There may have been a peck on the neck."

The 68 year old took the prank in his stride and even invited the man to stay the night, adding, "I thought, 'The guys have set me up, fair enough.' I just said, 'You stay there, I'll stay over here.'"

The singer also chronicled some of his other outrageous sexual exploits during the interview, explaining he wasn't a fan of group sex: "I never really got into orgies. I tried it with a couple of Japanese girls a long time ago, and I found it all a bit disappointing and distracting."