Rod Stewart's ex-manager BILLY GAFF is planning a tell-all biography of the rock star.

Gaff was credited with plotting Rod's route to success, and veteran scribe CHRIS HUTCHINS, who has previously written about super-welathy heiress ATHINA ONASSIS and DUCHESS OF YORK Sarah Ferguson, has admitted he is 'ghost-writing' Gaff's memoirs about the FACES frontman.

Chris says, "In a way, Rod will surely be grateful when the book comes out because it's going to serve as a reminder - he must have forgotten so many of the things that happened during his rock'n'roll existence.

"At the moment, I'm just piecing together a great story Billy told me about the time he and Rod took a flight with Rod's then wife ALANA. She got stopped at customs who searched her bag and found something with batteries in it..."

22/08/2003 13:16