Rod Stewart is ''ashamed'' of running away from past relationships.

The music icon has been married three times - to Alana Hamilton, Rachel Hunter and currently Penny Lancaster - and has opened up about his womanizing ways in the past, now admitting he had a tendency to run away from failing romances.

He said: ''The one thing I am desperately ashamed of is the way I would finish relationships. I can have confrontation with a bloke but never with a woman, I just have to run away from it. It's sad, it's shallow and I'm embarrassed about it.''

However, the 68-year-old rocker added he is a changed man and claimed he was constantly ''looking for that perfect woman'' when he was younger.

He revealed to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''It was a long time ago. I was loyal to Rachel for seven years, and I've been with Penny for 13.

''I think I was always looking for that perfect woman, who obviously doesn't exist. I wanted to be married. I wanted more kids. I'm a family man, at heart.''

Still, Rod did admit he doesn't think many men would have behaved differently, given similar ''opportunities''.

He said: ''I was shagging my way round the world, like most blokes probably would if they had my opportunities.''