Veteran rocker STEVE ELLIS was approached to replace legendary singer Rod Stewart as frontman of 1970s band the FACES - because the group couldn't stand his overbearing ego.
Former Love Affair singer Ellis received a call from the Faces manager, urging him to take over the prime position from the Maggie May hitmaker - but declined the offer because Stewart was one of his pals.
And Ellis doesn't regret his loyal decision not to join the band - which rocketed members Stewart and Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood to superstardom - because he would have been racked with guilt.
He says, "Rod was getting a bit above his station according to what I was told, and I got a phone call from their manager to have a discussion about it but at the time he was a mate of mine.
"I thought it was a bit underhand. Maybe other people would have gone, 'Yeah, I'll do it', but you've got to be able to look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day."