The British model appeared on daytime discussion show Loose Women and relived an incident during which a man cornered her in a subway and attempted to strip off her skirt.

She made the revelation during a debate about whether girls' school uniforms should be designed to discourage potential attacks, and the show's hosts attempted to comfort the tearful star as she shared her memories of the assault, which she reported to the police at the time.

"I had been at choir practice the day before. I was attacked under a subway," Penny said. "Being tall and strong I managed to fight this man off who pulled my skirt off and wrestled with me.

"There are a lot of evil men who prey on people and it has nothing to do with what they wear. Parents are encouraged to do car pools, going in groups, but children should definitely be advised not to travel alone. Girls and boys just need to be educated of the dangers. It's still out there on the street."