Rod Stewart's son SEAN faces a series of hefty legal fees when he leaves a rehab lockdown in June (03) following new charges from the surfer he beat up 18 months ago.

Sean attacked JASON ROGLAND outside the Malibu, California, hotspot NOBU and then fled the scene - only to be apprehended by TV SUPERMAN DEAN CAIN.

He was convicted of the crime and sentenced to three months in jail.

Upon his release, Rod's son was busted on drug charges and ordered to live in a locked rehab centre in Idaho. He's due to be released from the facility in June (03).

But that won't be the end of his troubles - once he's free, Sean will face another court case.

Rogland is asking for costly damages following the attack, claiming he was "viciously and intentionally" kicked about the head "without provocation" in legal papers.

The surfer is asking for $100,000 (GBP66,700) for pain and suffering, $150,000 (GBP100,000) for emotional distress, $8,809 (GBP5,873) for medical expenses and $13,000 (GBP8,600) for loss of earnings.

Rogland is also reserving the right to ask for $500,000 (GBP333,300) in punitive damages.

07/05/2003 09:17