Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster has struggled for years to overcome the emotional trauma of being bullied at school. The 35-year-old, who gave birth to Stewart's son ALASTAIR last year (05), credits her mother with teaching her to ignore her tormentors - because they simply felt jealous and inadequate when faced with her beauty. But Lancaster still struggles with self confidence as a result of the abuse she was subjected to at a young age. She says, "I think at school you have to blend in and be the same as everyone else. I was picked on for being different." Lancaster often had things thrown at her across the classroom and was constantly teased and taunted by pupils who would follow her home from school. She continues, "Once someone threw something at me. It ruined the clothes I was wearing and they said, 'Who looks pretty now?' "The bullying didn't happen all the time but enough that it made an impact on my future life and the way I feel about things. "I'd go home crying and my mum always said to me, 'Try not to get upset darling. The important thing is for you to realise that the reason they're doing that is because they're lacking something in their life. They're jealous, so just feel sorry for them. "I've carried that lesson throughout my life."