Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster is thrilled she can at last start planning her wedding after Stewart's divorce from Rachel Hunter was finalised in April (06). The model/photographer, who gave birth to the couple's baby ALASTAIR last November (05), hopes more than anything that her son will be big enough to be involved in the ceremony, planned for next spring (07). She says, "The divorce has come through, it's done and dusted, so we're in the midst of planning our very own big day now. "We don't want to dwell on the past, we're looking to the future. The big day will be next spring because having good weather is important. And it will be in the UK or Europe. We have a few venues in mind, but haven't finally decided. "It will be an intimate day with close friends and family - it won't be a big showy affair. "We would love it if our son Alastair could be part of our wedding. It would be amazing to have him walk down the aisle holding hands with his cousin. She can be the flower girl and he can be the ring bearer."