Rod Stewart's family commitments prevented a Jeff Beck Group reunion.

The 'Maggie May' singer met up with his former bandmate Jeff Beck to work together again, but the 69-year-old guitarist was unimpressed when Rod - who has eight children from five relationships - abandoned their plans to look after his kids, leading Jeff to conclude he was too ''all over the place'' for any musical ventures.

Jeff is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: ''We were supposed to spend the entire day going over material, writing. But after a cup of tea he said 'Oh I have got to pick up the kids now'. That was the end of that really. He is all over the place.''

Rod - who has kids Sarah, 50, Kimberley, 34, Sean, 33, Ruby, 26, Renée, 21, Liam, 19, Alastair, seven, and Aiden, two - recently admitted he and Jeff abandoned plans to record an album together because they disagreed too much.

He said: ''We were going to do a blues album, a modern sort of 'Beck-Ola,' maybe, but we couldn't agree on a great many things.

''I sent him a Christmas card, or e-mailed him a Christmas card, the year before last and never heard anything back.''

And he admitted his dream of reuniting both his former bands, The Jeff Beck Group and The Faces, for a joint tour is unlikely to happen because Jeff is still ''angry'' with him.

He said: ''Two of us [myself and Ronnie Wood] are in both bands, so we could do half the show with the Faces, half with Jeff Beck.

''Whether Jeff would want to do it, there's two chances -- slim and none. When Jeff's angry at you, he stays angry for a long time.''