The Faces rocker Ian Mclagan has denied rumours Rod Stewart was cut out of the legendary band's reunion after demanding the majority share of the profits.
The Stay With Me hitmakers reunited last year (10) but took on former Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall as frontman after talks with Stewart broke down.
The group blamed the Maggie May star's busy schedule for his absence, while Stewart himself insisted he would only rejoin if guitarist Ronnie Wood quit his 'other' band, The Rolling Stones.
Gossips also speculated the freeze-out occurred after Stewart demanded the bulk of money made from a reunion tour - but keyboardist MCLagan is adamant finances were never discussed with the singer.
He tells Mojo magazine, "We've tried time and time again. The door is still open. We'd love to have him sing, and as Mick (Hucknall) said, he's only there until Rod decides to do the gig. Ronnie still talks to him... (The money rumour) wasn't true. We never discussed that with him.
"We had a rehearsal and it went very well. But we never heard anything more. He said he'd do the Albert Hall (concert), and then his manager said he wasn't going to do it, and that he never said he would. It got a bit confusing. Somebody eventually said that Rod would have to take half the money, but no one's worth that. It's a band, right? Hopefully, he'll turn round one day and say, 'Let's do it'. The doors and windows are open."