Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter has sent her best wishes to the rocker and his fiancee Penny Lancaster following the birth of their son Alastair Wallace last month (27NOV05), despite their divorce coming through only a few days before.

The veteran rocker and New Zealand supermodel split in January 1999, but only divorced last month, several months after Stewart announced his plans to wed long-term love Lancaster.

Despite Hunter and Lancaster's high-profile rift, the models have settled their differences and Hunter insists they remain amicable acquaintances.

Hunter explains, "I haven't met the baby and there are no plans for me to do so. But things between me and Penny are great now.

"She is nice to (our children) RENEE and LIAM and that's all that matters to me. They were excited to meet the new baby and it was handled in the right way. They got to meet Alastair and spend time with their dad and realise that they aren't going to be pushed out.

"Rod is a great parent."