Rod Stewart's estranged wife Rachel Hunter has hinted catwalk beauty PENNY LANCASTER has agreed to marry the rocker for his money.

The 60-year-old DO YA THINK I'M SEXY? singer proposed to Lancaster on Saturday (12MAR05) during a romantic trip to Paris, France's Eiffel Tower.

But just a day after the couple announced their engagement, Hunter suggested Lancaster accepted the proposal for financial reasons.

She says, "I used to think marriage was so beautiful, but right now, it's just one big ugly contract.

"It is all about money, what people can get, and it has very little to do with church and vows. That is not me being angry, because I had a great marriage.

"The contract between Rod and me wasn't important, because I didn't take anything.

"But if you are truly in love with someone, why get that piece of paper from the government?"

13/03/2005 21:23