Rod Stewart's wife wore a short dress to keep him interested when she had to photograph him for his autobiography.

Photographer-and-model Penny Lancaster shot the cover image for his new book and she decided to Squeeze into a revealing dress as she knew it would keep him entertained during the session.

She said: ''It was quite a hot day and there was a fan blowing, which lifted up my dress a little. I'd deliberately worn something short, because as everyone knows, Rod's a leg man.

''Got to keep my darling happy. In other words, the mood was fun and friendly and relaxed, which seemed to produce the best results.''

Rod, 67, said the shots were particularly sentimental for him, because they reminded him of when he first met Penny.

In a joint interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine, he said: ''There was an intimacy and a connection through the lens that I couldn't have had with anyone other than Penny behind the camera. After all she took her first photo of me the night after we met 14 years ago this December, so there's no one who knows me better.''

Penny - who has two sons, Alastair, six, and 16-month-old Aiden, with Rod - says her spouse feels more comfortable when he works with her because she is his wife and he trusts her implicitly

The 41-year-old blonde beauty explained: ''He likes me to cast a personal and professional eye on proceedings. He just feels more confident, more relaxed if I'm giving him the nod. I know about lighting because I've worked as a photographer, but I'm also his wife: I know when he's getting a bit bored or tired.''