Rod Stewart's socialite daughter KIMBERLY is set to follow in her father's

footsteps by recording her first album in the new year (05).

The blonde model-turned-TV presenter was encouraged to cut an album when

a Hollywood producer convinced her to cut a track in his studio - and

both were surprised with the results. Stewart, who plays violin and

piano, says, "I never thought of myself as being able to sing, but I

have a good voice, and singing is in my blood... I'm taking singing

lessons." But Kimberly isn't going to let her famous father hear her

early efforts until her debut album is finished. She adds, "I don't want

anyone else's opinion." Stewart isn't the only socialite with her sights

set on the charts in 2005 - Lionel Richie's daughter NICOLE and hotel

heiress Paris Hilton are also planning to release albums.

30/12/2004 01:09