Cult camp classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the latest Hollywood blockbuster on the cards for a remake.

The UK's Sky Movies will team up with MTV to provide the financing for the film, which will use the same screenplay as that used in the 1975 version.

It will be difficult to match the success of the original, which was originally a musical in 1973 but grew to foster a cult following for millions of fans.

But with many old faces back in place – Lou Adler returns as executive producer while original star Richard O'Brien co-produces – the studios hope to recreate some of the film's glitzy magic.

"The Rocky Horror phenomenon has a life of its own that has reincarnated itself in numerous ways since its birth," Adler said.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show tells the story of a newly-engaged couple who find themselves forced to seek refuge in the bizarre home of Frank N Furter, originally played by an outstanding Tim Curry.

Songs included Dammit Janet, I Can Make You A Man and The Time Warp.

Adler added: "Our hope has always been that each new endeavour and rebirth will expose the Rocky Horror experience to new audiences and expand the fan base."

13/08/2008 13:21:36