A highlight of the Rocky soundtrack has been named the best song to run to in a survey of marathon runners.

Eye of the Tiger by American rockers Survivor - which topped the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts for six weeks in 1982 - was voted the number one song to inspire runners to complete a lap in a poll carried out by health website realbuzz.com.

More than 3,000 marathon runners took part in the poll and labelled the inspirational rhythm of Eye of the Tiger as the most effective track with Queen's Don't Stop Me Now named in second.

Appropriately, the Spencer Davis Group's Keep on Running and Vangelis' Chariots of Fire - from the athletically-themed film of the same name - were voted into fourth and fifth place respectively.

Kanye West's Stronger, The Killers' Mr Brightside and Nickelback's recent chart hit Rockstar were the most modern entries in the poll.

Realbuzz.com founder Tim Rogers commented: "Eye of the Tiger is an archetypal motivational song - presumably because of its Rocky roots.

"It's important that songs you listen to when running have a strong beat and a rhythm that you can maintain.

"Keeping fit by running can have a very positive impact on how people feel about themselves and their lives, so keeping runners on their toes can have big benefits."

The top ten running songs were named as:

1 Survivor: Eye of the Tiger
2 Queen: Don't Stop Me Now
3 Spencer Davis Group: Keep on Running
4 Vangelis: Chariots of Fire
5 Kanye West: Stronger
6 Billi Conti: Gonna Fly Now
7 Heather Small: Proud
8 Killers: Mr Brightside
9 Nickelback: Rockstar
10 Queen: We Are the Champions

20/05/2008 00:01:00