The finalists in US TV talent search Rock Star: SUPERNOVA were both big winners last night (13SEP06) - spiky-haired LUKAS ROSSI will front Tommy Lee's new supergroup, while rocker GILBY CLARKE has promised to produce runner-up DILANA ROBICHAUX's debut album. Rossi, a former cook from Toronto, Canada, will take to the stage to front Lee, Clarke and ex-Metallica star Jason Newsted's new group, SUPERNOVA, when it tours in the New Year (07). But a thrilled Robichaux was far from a loser - the talent show's host, Dave Navarro, offered his services as her drummer, saying, "Dilana, if you'll have me, I'd like to play on that thing too." Rossi and South African-born Robichaux beat Icelandic celebrity MAGNI ASGIERSSON and Australian TOBY RAND to stand as the final two in the popular competition.