British singer Rochelle Wiseman and her new husband Marvin Humes will spend their first few weeks of marriage house-hunting to find the perfect home to start a family.
Wiseman, a member of U.K. girl group The Saturdays, wed fellow pop star, Marvin Humes of boy band JLS, last month (Jul12) in a lavish ceremony at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England.
They returned from a short honeymoon in Portugal on Saturday (04Aug12) and Humes has revealed they will start married life by searching for their dream house.
He tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "I'm looking forward to everything. We've made no secret of the fact that we want to have kids and although I don't think it will happen for a couple of years, we're already looking for a new house, somewhere big enough to raise our family."
Humes adds of the couple's nuptials: "When the music started up and I knew Rochelle had arrived, I was desperate to turn around and look at her. We hadn't spoken all day and had spent the previous night apart. I'd missed her and I couldn't wait to see her. But so many people had said to me that I shouldn't turn around - that it was unlucky. Even my mum told me not to. Then, when I looked to my left and she was there, oh man, she looked unbelievable; more beautiful than I'd ever seen her look. Her face, her smile, the dress; she was absolutely stunning."
Wiseman also admits she burst into tears while they were saying their vows, adding, "It just hit me, what we were saying to each other. It was all so overwhelming, I couldn't stop myself from crying. I looked at Marvin and his eyes were glassy. I kept thinking he might (cry) too, but he held it down."