Rochelle Humes is set to release her first children's picture book.

The 28-year-old singer has penned an as-yet-untitled children's story about two young girls on a quest to get ''perfect'' hair, which was inspired by her four-year-old daughter Alaia-Mai - whom she has with her husband Marvin Humes - after she questioned why all the popular princesses in children's media are depicted with straight hair.

Rochelle - who also has 11-month-old daughter Valentina with her spouse - said of her new book: ''I'm beyond thrilled to be writing my first children's book. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to create a story that I would have wanted to read as a young girl, and that I can now pass to my little girls. My aim is to show young children that everyone is different, and to embrace what makes them beautiful.''

The book - which is being published by Studio Press - follows the story of two best friends, Mai and Rosa. Mai, who has curly hair, wishes her locks were straight like Rosa's, but when a magical coconut grants her wish, she quickly realises her tresses were perfect the way they were.

Natalie Jerome, Acquisitions Director and Publisher at Bonnier Publishing UK said in a statement: ''We are hugely excited to be launching Rochelle's first picture book at Bonnier Publishing, a book that will celebrate difference and empower young children to embrace who they are.

''The team here are passionate about ensuring that all children see themselves reflected in books and Rochelle couldn't be a better, more vocal advocate for this message. It's fantastic to be in a position to support her mission to be the change she wants to see.''

As of the time of writing, The Saturdays singer has yet to name her book, and a illustrator is set to be attached ''soon''.

Rochelle's book has been given a September 2018 publishing date.