Rochelle Humes is having her daughter christened for her first birthday.

The Saturdays singer and presenter, whose daughter Alaia-Mai with husband Marvin turns one tomorrow (20.05.14), is marking the special occasion by having her blessed at church.

She told BANG Showbiz: ''We're getting her christened and it will be a joint thing, we're looking forward to it.''

Asked how she feels about her daughter turning one, she said: ''It scares me. I feel really old when I say, 'Ohhh it's gone so quick', I try not to say that because I sound like my mum but it really has gone quickly. I don't want her to grow up anymore, I want to keep her how she is.''

The 25-year-old star, who presented an award with Marvin at the British Academy Television Awards last night (18.05.14) at London's Theatre Royal, thinks motherhood changes ''everything'' and there are many things she now has to go without despite loving being a mum.

She explained: ''I'll never have that sleep again where you completely sleep for ages.''

Meanwhile, Rochelle said she had a great day watching Marvin's JLS co-star JB Gill marry dancer Chloe Tangney in Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute recently.

Rochelle added: ''It was a beautiful day. It's our second anniversary this year and I would like to renew my vows one day, but ask me in 20 years.''