Rochelle Humes is ''terrified'' of her daughters getting Instagram accounts.

The 30-year-old singer and television presenter has daughters Alaia-Mai, five, and Valentina, two, with her husband Marvin Humes, and has said she's concerned about them growing up and downloading the photo sharing app, because she knows there's so much pressure on young girls to change their appearance in order to look like the models on the site.

Speaking about the issue of body confidence being spoken about in a negative way, Rochelle said: ''I think it still is though, which is frightening. But it's in a totally different way. Because I think women are like, filling their lips or they're botoxing their face or they're having bum implants. And it's so well documented now with Instagram, and that's what terrifies me. Having girls and Instagram, I don't know how I'm going to deal with that.''

And the Saturdays star says she's ''worried'' about the dangers of social media, because young people spend time ''comparing themselves'' to their classmates, and getting upset if their friends post photos without them.

Speaking to Giovanna Fletcher on her 'Happy Mum Happy Baby' podcast, the beauty added: ''What my worry is little things like, you know, when you'd go to school on a Monday and you'd hear a couple of your friends talking about what they got up to over the weekend, and you're kind of slyly like 'Oh my goodness, no-one asked me if I wanted to go there'. And it's horrible, and you would go home and probably cry about it.

''But now, I worry that [with Instagram] stories, If they've not been invited - not even maliciously not invited - but someone's done something together. You know, even as an adult you feel like you get FOMO. So things like that, and they're seeing all their friends out without them. It's things like that, that worry me. More for kids, it's what their friends are up to and comparing themselves to others at school, I think that's what worries me.''