Rochelle Humes has banned her husband from wearing scoop-neck tops.

The Saturdays singer has had many of her own style disasters, but she doesn't think they are as bad as spouse Marvin Humes' infamous low-cut shirts.

Quizzed on whether she gives Marvin fashion advice, she said: ''I'm lucky because he has great style. Although he had to get rid of those tops with the scoop neck - they had their day.''

When asked what her own biggest fashion disaster had been, she added: ''Anything from my teens! I used to wear these cord, mustard flares. They were so bad.''

The 25-year-old beauty also confessed she's worried her and Marvin's 14-month-old daughter Alaia-Mai will grow up to have a more unisex style and she'll have no one to give her old designer bags to.

Rochelle explained to new! magazine: ''I hope my daughter's not a tomboy because she has some great bags to inherit. She'll probably ask for a football kit though, I just know it!''

Quizzed on whether her baby was showing any interest in fashion yet, she said: ''None at all. She's only one though. But she does like headbands.''